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5 Great Ways to Attract More Customers on TripKen

TripKen has been one of the best resources for local businesses throughout the USA to promote their products and services online. Business owners, who need to connect their business with more customers, can list their business for free on TripKen. From adding business photos to responding to business reviews, TripKen can help you in many ways to attract more customers towards your business. Here is a snapshot of how your TripKen free business listing page will look like after adding your business details –

Adding all your business details will help you to make your listing page will attract more visitors and stand out from the competitors. However, we usually find business listings with very few or wrong information about the business. Adding short company description, incomplete street address and wrong website URL are some common mistakes listing owners make while listing their business online. It may result in loss of website traffic and leads. This article will guide you on how to properly list your business online and use amazing tools of TripKen to attract more and more visitors.

Here is a list of 5 great ways to make your business stand out from competitors –

Accurate Business Contact Details

The purpose of listing your business online is to attract the potential customers looking for the products or services you offer. Providing them with accurate business contact information will make them reach or contact you easily and help you get new customers. TripKen allows business owners to add all essential contact details like –

  • Full Business Address with Map
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Email ID
  • Business Website
  • Business Operation Hours

Adding all these business details to your business listing page will ensure that you won’t miss a chance to get contacted by the website visitors. Filling all these details to your listing page is mandatory; the accuracy of the input is something where most businesses miss the trick. Apart from getting business through Tripken, adding these essential business details will also help your website or other business listing pages to get a boost on search engine results.

Add Business Photos

Adding photos to your business listing page on TripKen can help your business get an edge over your competitors. Adding your business photos can help you serve different purposes like –

  • If you are a brick and mortar store and want customers to visit your store, then you can add photos of the exterior of your store to help visitors recognize your store from far away and prevent them from going to your nearby shops.
  • If you are an online store then adding product images can help visitors to get a clear idea about the type of products you offer.
  • If you are a service provider, then you can add images of you or your workers on the job to gain user trust. You can also add images of your tools or equipment you use to get the job done.

Consider adding high-definition images and our tool with resizing the image according to the screen size.

Getting REAL Business Reviews

Getting business reviews is the key to showcasing how friendly your services or products are. These reviews will not just help you to build a great relationship with existing customers but displaying them on your business page will also help you gain the trust of new page visitors. Positive reviews are always helpful; whereas negative reviews help you know where your business lacks or need improvement.

Businesses get feedback from their customers all the time; on the phone or in person. Try asking them to give you feedback on TripKen. You can use various methods like email or call them directly. Don’t take too much time to ask for a review. The people may forget the experience they have had while dealing with you. You can also use tricks like giving customers a free gift voucher for sharing their experience.

Don’t Forget to Describe your Business

While adding your free business listing page on Tripken, adding a brief description of your business services or products will help users understand how you can serve their needs. Keep in mind your business description should be long enough to cover all your offerings and brief enough that won’t take much time to read.

Usually, online visitors don’t have much time. Giving them a long paragraph about the services you offer will exhaust them and make them leave your business listing page. Try writing a to-the-point description with all your services/products highlighted using bullets and numbers. It will help them understand what you have to offer them and why they should choose you over others. Also, make sure your business description does not have any grammatical or typographical errors. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impact on the listing page visitors.

Add your Business Website

The key benefit of adding your free business listing on TripKen is that you are allowed to showcase your business website to thousands of website visitors. Adding your website will help you gain user trust and a free backlink for your website. This way, you can target your business listing page traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. Moreover, getting a free backlink for your website from TripKen will help you increase your website authority and improve your search engine ranking.


Being a leading online business listing site, TripKen can offer you many benefits like improving your business presence and boosting your website traffic. All you need to do is to keep the above points in mind while listing your business on TripKen. If you already have your business listed with us, then you can simply login to your account and update your business details. But, if your business is still not listed with us, you can simply claim your business by visiting our website.


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