Eiffel Tower night view from the terrace of the Shangri-La Hotel, one of the best Paris hotelsWhen inaugurated, during the 1889 World’s Fair, the Eiffel Tower was heavily criticized by the intellectuals of France. It was actually called “useless and monstrous”. So, we can only imagine how surprised the respective intellectuals would be today, if they could see the popularity of the Eiffel Tower. There are thousands of Paris hotels, but only a few of them delight their guests with an Eiffel Tower view.

Shangri-La Hotel – one of the most luxurious Paris hotels

Eiffel Tower day view from the Duplex Terrace Suite of Shangri-La Hotel in Paris One of the most famous Paris hotels, the Shangri-La Hotel is a beautiful 5-star hotel. Therefore, it’s also one of the best hotels in Paris and among the most luxurious ones. It is situated in the Trocadéro area, about 0.4 miles away from the tower. Since the hotel is located so close to the Eiffel Tower, the views are absolutely breathtaking. Moreover, you will probably need to close the curtains, because this is how bright the lights of the tower shine during the night. Roland Bonaparte –exactly, a relative of Napoleon, more specifically his great-nephew, used to live here. So, you can only imagine the grandeur and luxury that awaits in one of its 101 suites and bedrooms.

Hotel Montaigne – haven of serenity in the heart of Paris

Eiffel Tower night view from Hotel Montaigne in ParisAnother fabulous 5-star hotel, the Hotel Montaigne enjoys an impressive location. It is situated only 8 minutes away from Champs Elysées,  close to the most visited museums and fashion boutiques in Paris. Despite its central location, Hotel Montaigne is an oasis of serenity and luxury. Although luxurious, its rooms are cozy and intimate. They create the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation in the heart of Paris. The décor abounds in stylish and refined fabrics, as well as soothing colors. But, what really sets this hotel apart from the other Paris hotels is its enchanting Eiffel Tower views. These can be admired from a few of its balconies. A glamorous hotel, remarkable due to its black and white floors and beautiful oak furniture, Hotel Montaigne is indeed worthy of being considered one of the best Paris hotels.

Hotel Plaza Athénée – the epitome of classical Parisian charm

Eiffel Tower day view from the living room of the Eiffel Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee in ParisA legendary hotel, famous for its magnificent Parisian décor, Alain Ducasse’s restaurant and beautiful Eiffel Tower views, Hotel Plaza Athénée is one of the Paris hotels reserved for the rich and famous. And to prove just how famous, it’s enough to say that Carrie Bradshaw admired the Eiffel Tower from a room at this hotel. The hotel is situated close to the iconic landmark. Its every room exudes classical Parisian charm. A distinguished hotel, the Plaza Athénée illustrates what we love most about the design of Paris hotels. Here you can admire red window awnings, Art Nouveau balconies, period furniture and elegance with a touch of opulence.

Hotel San Regis – luxury hotel with a boutique chicness

Eiffel Tower view from the terrace of the Junior Suite of Hotel San Regis in ParisHotel San Regis was built in 1857, as a townhouse, and its chic décor respects the hotel’s history. What we love most about Hotel San Regis are its beautiful rooms, each with its own personality and dominant color. However, all rooms are decorated with fine materials, precious antiques and period furniture. In a world where chain hotels dominate the accommodation scene, Hotel San Regis is not afraid to be unique. So, it’s no surprise to discover here unique elements of décor, such as a Baccarat crystal lamp base and delicate china. The beautiful Eiffel Tower views await on the private terraces of the hotel’s Deluxe Junior suites.

Les Jardins d’Eiffel – 3-star hotel with 5-star Eiffel Tower views

Eiffel Tower view from the room of Jardins d'Eiffel Hotel in ParisSituated close to Les Invalids and Eiffel Tower, Les Jardins d’Eiffel is one of the affordable Paris hotels that pampers its guests with beautiful Eiffel Tower views. The 80-room hotel doesn’t promise luxury accommodation, but it does promise comfort, elegance and relaxation. It has its own garden, perfect for enjoying the summer days and embracing the Parisian ambiance. It also houses a wine cellar that abounds in a wide choice of champagne and French wines. The hotel is situated in the 7th arrondissement. So it’s a perfect base to discover some of the most popular attractions in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Grand Palais and Musée d’Orsay.

If you want to start your morning with a Bonjour from the Eiffel Tower, then you should book a room at one of these Paris hotels. After all, what can be more romantic than admiring the Eiffel Tower’s silhouette from your balcony while eating your croissant? And let’s not forget about the faerie of lights that the iconic landmark displays when the sun sets and the City of Lights comes to life!