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    This Travel guide blog is created by TripKen as a place to share the stuff we love most about our planet. And we’re not just talking about travel. Hotels, food, photography—anything worth sharing, really—is what goes here. Usually, these are the sorts of things that inspired us to start travelling in the first place.

    Talk to us.

    The best blogs are rarely monologues. TripKen is a Business Listing & Travel guide, designed to be a dialogue between you and us.  So please, tell us what you think. We’re listening. Blog we love

    Hear the word.

    We want everyone to be a part of this conversation—from first-time travellers dreaming of new horizons to road-ready adventurers eager to report back on what they saw, who they met, what they ate and where they stayed. If you’ve got your own wanderlust-powered blog, compulsively photocopy maps from old guidebooks, eagerly swap tips about the best back-alley noodle houses in Southeast Asia or just want to travel from the comfort of your desk, read on.

    We are travelers too!

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