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Affordable Options to Get New Patients on Your Healthcare Practice

Healthcare industry is changing significantly day by day because the needs and expectations of patients have been increased with the invention of the internet. Nowadays healthcare patients don’t walk to a particular location to find a practice. 89% of customers go for online search when it comes to searching for a healthcare practice or solving healthcare queries.

Whether you are a physician, dentist, chiropractor, surgeon, physiotherapist, dietician, or hydrotherapist, you are in steady competition in your area. But by following some trendy marketing strategies, you can attract new patients and increase the awareness of your practice guaranteed, all at affordable prices. When you are in the healthcare industry and looking for such strategies, you are in luck.

Attractive & Responsive Website with Patients in Mind

The first impression matters a lot and it works like the last one too. Having a website that is simple, visually appealing, and effective, attracts the patients too much. On the other hand, if you have a website that doesn’t look professional & effective, it will make users 88% less likely to visit you again. Consider having a website that is designed and built out with marketing goals in mind. It must have different pages for each service to help the audience understand your health concerns. There should also be a page for your practice’s contact details including location, phone number, directions, and more.

Only having a website is not sufficient, you also have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive. If your website is not mobile-friendly, never dream of getting organic traffic to your practice in 2019. In this case, your website will be excluded by the search engines except for branded keywords when searching for a keyword on mobile.

Create Outstanding Content to Educate your Patients

You have created a website that is responsive, good-looking, and easy to navigate. Now it’s the turn to create content for the website that will educate your audience perfectly. A good quality website content always helps drive long-term traffic from the search engines to your website as well as gives value to readers and build their trust towards your practice. So, try creating content that can attract the patients who are seeking for specific procedures & services related to yours.

2019 is the year when “Content is King”, thus known as the smartest way to attract new patients. So it must be of good quality and unique. Always consider posting fresh, truthful and easy-to-read content whether its website content, blog post, article or social media post.

Setup Local Listings for Your Practice

In order to better optimize your healthcare practice, claiming it locally on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as some popular listing sites like YellowPages, Facebook, Yelp, Manta, and TripKen where lots of patients visit daily to search healthcare practice in their area.

Start by registering with TripKen and then list your practice’s complete details including name, address, contact number, services, facilities, price range, hours of operation, and business images. Whenever a patient will try to search for healthcare practice in your area, he/she will get a list of related businesses in front of him/her and your business will be one of them. Just make sure you have filled each and every detail correctly, rest TripKen will take care of all. As an online community, TripKen aims to communicate sellers and buyers by letting seller list their business and buyers discover them. It will definitely help sellers gain ongoing traffic to the website at zero cost.

Focus on Local SEO for Your Healthcare Practice

Search engines are getting evolved these days. So in order to achieve top places in search engine results, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role. SEO is actually broken into 2 types – on-page and off-page. On-page includes the factors that are under your control such as website content, meta title, meta description, keyword stuffing. It’s all about content and HTML source code. On the other hand, off-page includes some external factors such as links to your website and other external signals like social media success.

If your business has a physical location, then there is nothing better than local (location-based) SEO to support your marketing. For example, if you have a practice in New York, then focusing the keywords like “best dentists in New York”, “best doctors in New York”, “best dental practice in New York” will give you better results as compared to “best dentists” or “best dental practices”. Getting such types of keywords on top results will generate more traffic to your practice.

Focus on Right Healthcare Keywords

Use of the right keywords also plays an important role in getting visibility among the targeted audience. All keywords are not equal, because some of them have more opportunity, but others don’t have. So, you are recommended to focus on those keywords that are being searched most in your city or area. When having a local business, it is advised to focus on location-oriented keywords which include your city name. Also add such keywords to your title tags, meta descriptions as well as body content. When having a healthcare business in New York, here are examples of keyword you can target – “dentists in New York”, “dentists New York USA”, “dental treatments in New York”, “dental treatments New York”, “dental services in New York”, “dental services New York USA”, “dentists near me”.

Do Social Media Marketing for Your Practice

Social media is a kind of marketing that improves your brand loyalty, especially for the healthcare business. Engaging with your customers via social media helps you build strong relationships with consumers. The topmost reason behind the usage of social media is that 70% of USA population uses social media channels. Whether it’s a hospital search or getting health information, nearly 41% of patients prefer social media. These are the reasons business owners consider it a great opportunity to reach the audience via social media.

Video Marketing for Healthcare

A video can 50 times more probably be ranked in the search engine results as compared to text. So, focus on video marketing too along with content marketing. Make YouTube as your hub to post videos. Uploading your videos on YouTube will make them discoverable for both customers and search engines as well because YouTube is a search engine in itself. Videos play a big role in demonstrating trust because people believe seeing a person discussing the issues as compared to just reading it. You can upload the videos that cover discussions with medical experts, staff, current patients, news updates, health tips, and many more.

Final Words:

Here were the most potent healthcare marketing strategies that no healthcare professional should ignore in order to get more patients at affordable prices. From social media, local listing to video marketing, each & every strategy will work individually.


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