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Backed by a community of experts, TripKen platform is designed for small or medium-sized business owners, industry experts,and vendors to share their expertise, businesses and services.
We feel proud to have some of the brightest minds in the world across countries sharing their knowledge and experience with our visitors. These contributors like you share most up to date news, proven strategies, and valuable information from both B2C and B2B perspective to help our readers to better achieve their own business goals.
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What is the contributor program?

The Tripken contributor program is a platform where industry experts or professionals share their thoughts, experiences and hard-earned problem-solving techniques to help readers build their brand and stature as a business leader.
Our aim is not only to publish the most content, but also to publish the best, most helpfulposts for people to become better in their day-to-day work lives. It is completely free. We are looking for experts who are ready to accept this approach and in return, we help them
get the recognition they deserve within the industry.

What do we look for?

Here is what is important to us when considering submissions to our site.

  • Unique content: Search the site for the topic you’re writing about. We don’t accept a piece of information that is already submitted to other sites. It will be good if you mention a good company doing good things as an example to illustrate your thoughts.
  • Solid content: Try discussing trending pieces, inspirational thoughts, and pieces of advice with some solid takeaway tips.
  • Advice business owner can use: Share proven strategies and problem-solving techniques which are beneficial for our readers who are sophisticated entrepreneurs.
  • Trustworthy resources: Include original sources of information to embed links.
  • Correct length: Minimum 700 – 1,000 words, but blogs that run over 1,500 words are welcome as they do better in search.
  • Other items related to your topic: Don’t make us search for your sources, so please mention the source or links to quotes, studies, data points mentioned in your blog.
  • No warmed-over old posts: Blogs which are already submitted in the last months or year with little new content added. We won’t accept it.
  • Strong writing skills: Before you submit the article, check the spelling and grammar. We won’t accept articles without proper formatting.
  • Photos: Consider adding photos that are taken by you or your company. Don’t use copied images.
  • Lead time: Before you write or submit your blog piece, keep in mind, we do post your
    story in about 3 to 4 weeks on our site.

Editorial judgment

TripKen’s team reserves the right to edit your submitted content for publication such as
grammar, headlines, formatting, and length.
We reserve the right to reject your piece for any reason. Any violation of our policies can
We reserve the right to remove irrelevant links or offensive and overly promotional
Any violation of our policies can result in deactivation from our site.

How do you know whether you’re a good match for our contributor program?

We prefer choosing the members who are industry professionals or experts in small-to-medium businesses.

  • If you’re running your own business or working in any industry.
  • If you’ve a vast knowledge of more than one part of the business.
  • If your business model is beneficial.
  • If you’ve successfully identified your exact target market.
  • If you have a strong number of product or service reviews from previous customers or clients.
  • If you’ve been interviewed by a reputable source about your business capabilities in the industry.
  • If you’ve been spoken at a public event about your business or services you offer.

Why you should become a contributor?

Becoming a part of our community, you not only get the recognition you deserve within the industry, but a lot more. We aim to provide industry professionals like you to share the ability to promote your expertise, personal experiences, and other valuable information.

  • Expand your outreach: The valuable pieces published through our contributor program are not only shared with million of members visiting our site, but we also promote your content to Tripken’s social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Promote yourself: When your blog is published to our contributor program, it will automatically link to your TripKen profile, where your potential audience can reach you directly.
  • Promote your business website: We allow our contributors to add one link to your company’s website in your article, it’s completely free of cost. It will help you increase traffic to your website and build your brand.
  • Help small business owners: Your success stories and expert tips will help other business owners enhance their brand and increase productivity.

What should you write about?

We are looking for unique and fresh ideas for popular areas of interest in the small business community. Here we have narrow down a list of suggested article topics that you can use to share your thoughts.

  • Introduce yourself: Familiarize yourself with our community, and explain who you are writing to and why readers should read your post.
  • Tell your story: Share your success story. What failures and pains you suffered from to achieve the success. Users will appreciate your guidance.
  • Focus on one or more of our key business categories.
    1. Advice: Advice, Franchise
    2. Finance: Economy, Finance, Small business loans, taxes
    3. Marketing: Marketing tips, retail trends, sales, social media
    4. Technology: Product list, technology trends

How do you become a contributor?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a TripKen contributor!
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Before you apply to submit your article, please take a moment to read the following:

  • Make sure you review our above contributor guidelines.
  • Do not submit multiple applications, we are experiencing a heavy volume, so replies will not be immediate.
  • We will only contact with approved applicants.