When planning your trip to San Francisco, what are the first things that come to your mind? What is the best area to stay in when visiting San Francisco? Where should I book accommodation in San Francisco? And of course, what are the best restaurants in San Francisco?

While we will deal with the answers to the first two questions in other articles about San Francisco, we can’t wait to tell you a few things about the best restaurants in San Francisco.

San Francisco is indeed one of the most visited cities in USA and a beautiful place to make incredible memories. The city is packed with a variety of activities that will for sure please the outsiders of all ages. However, one of the highlights of the city are its incredible restaurants that attract foodies from all over the world.

If you are going out with your family and friends, you definitely need to check out the best restaurants in San Francisco and give your taste buds a treat by trying different cuisines. Here is the list of the best restaurants in San Francisco that delight guests with different cuisines at affordable prices.


Interior of Acquerello, one of the best restaurants in San FranciscoFor 26 years, Acquerello has offered an unparalleled Italian fine-dining experience in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood.

The Acquerello restaurant is situated in the heart of the city, being one of the most appreciated and booked restaurants in San Francisco. This old established restaurant serves delicious Italian food with a modern twist.

The restaurant is offering:

First Course Selections

  • Black Angus beef tartare, beef tendon, chickpea, black olive, and egg yolk.
  • Eggplant caponata, squash, Toy Box Tomatoes, opal basil and pinenut.
  • Second Course Selections
  • Cuttlefish ‘tagliatelle’ with capers, lobster chili flakes, and Andretti.
  • Tomato Gnocchi, stracciatella, Thai basil, yellow tomatoes, and prosciutto crisp.

Third Course Selections

  • Maine lobster with smoked butter, and anchovy-brioche crumb, and brassicas.
  • Pancetta wrapped venison loin with butternut squash, apple, Chanterelles, and red onion jam
  • Taste the best from the menu and enjoy with your family and friends.


Chefs cooking at Kusakabe, San Francisco

 This is a place for devoted sushi lovers. Calm and composed, with warm wood, clean lines, and a strong sense of minimalism, Kusakabe brings unique creativity to this sushi-focused operation. Kusakabe serves sushi in Kaiseki style.

You can choose from a variety of menus:

  • Omakase Menu
  • Drink Menu
  • A-La-Carte Menu
  • Dessert Menu

They offer the best Omakase menu including:

  • Sushi Prelude
  • Hassan
  • Sashimi
  • Give your taste buds a different taste.

 Mission Grille 

Interior of Mission Grille, restaurant in San FranciscoThe restaurant features the finest of latest California cuisine. This restaurant is offering the fresh dining area for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the brunch, lunch, dinner and desserts with your family and friends.

Brunch and salads:

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Nachos
  • Vegetarian Eggs Benedict


  • Chicken Cranberry Walnut
  • Lamb Burger


  • Chicken Wings
  • Pan Fried Mozzarella

Plan your trip ahead and remember to book a table at least at one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Enjoy the taste of all these delicious cuisines and tell others about your experience.