No team can win without a playbook.

And no CEO should start mobilizing their company to create value without this one. Discover the series of moves that successful Chief Executive Officers make to help their organizations realize and capture value.

In business today, we need to create sustainable, profitable growth. That means we need to create value. In his new book, Sandy Ogg shows us what successful CEOs do-differently from those who fail-to powerfully mobilize their organizations to create and capture value. As Mr. Ogg points out, not only do CEOs need to focus on very specific things to deliver the biggest delta in value. They also need to apply force at exactly the right points to produce acceleration. In /move, he shares a Mobilization methodology that does just that. Developed through decades of experience working with the everyday realities of business and then tested in the private equity world, Ogg’s five-part model gives CEOs a flexible, adaptable framework within which they can make informed judgments as they move their companies forward. Filled with lessons learned by six senior executive leaders who have applied the methodology in their companies, this playbook offers CEOs significant insights into how to focus on value from Day One while bringing a doable process to their work.

e1a43830-4e0d-4a01-ac21-b0b603c8bebfABOUT THE AUTHOR
Sandy Ogg has spent 30+years working alongside successful CEOs and learning with them what they need to do to generate new, more and better value faster than their competitors. As Operating Partner of the Private Equity Group at Blackstone, the largest alternative investment firm in the world, and founder of CEO Works LLC, he now helps CEOs create value for customers, employees, investors and society. This sought-after CEO advisor also has served on the Board of Insead, The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in The Netherlands, as Vice Chairman of the European Academy for Business in Society, and BBH Advertising in London.