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QUEBEC CITY, CANADA Turret Arch seen through North Window Arch in Arches National Park, Utah Serenity lake in tundra on Alaska Statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC Mexico,Cabo San Lucas

North America has always been a top destination for tourists worldwide. And no one ever wonders why North America is so irresistible! It’s enough to mention cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto and Mexico City, and attractions like the Yellowstone, Riviera Maya, Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls to understand the spell that North America has on travelers.

50 states under one name

USA, the number one destination in North America, gathers 50 amazing states under its name, each with its own personality, history, goals and aspirations. Although part of the same country, each state charms its visitors with a distinctive ambiance, impressive attractions and even unique accent. Each state comes with its own favorite foods, social attitudes and political views. So, you should give up the idea that you can visit USA in just a trip to North America. That’s impossible to accomplish. After all, due to its diversity, no one can really say what typical American is, so you will just have to go out and find its meaning on your own.

The most popular vs. the most fascinating

Let’s stay a little longer on the vast territory of the US and say what has been told so many times, but also uncover the country’s hidden gem. Everybody knows about the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, Golden Gate, Hollywood sign and White House, iconic attractions in the US and North America. However, how many know about the imposing Rockies, the wilderness of Alaska, the redwoods of California and the quaint villages of New England? Let’s not forget about the superb beaches in Florida, the breathtaking Grand Canyon. Add to the list the beautiful Great Lakes and the amazing paddling experiences one can try on the Mississippi River! There is so much to discover here that you would need more than a lifetime to unveil the beauty of USA.

The American dream

It’s true! The American dream is now a cliché. Nonetheless, it is this way because people still believe it. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, and this doesn’t apply exclusively to New York. North America, and in particular USA, is the land of possibilities. Resounding names such as Abraham Lincoln, Louis Armstrong, Walt Disney, Elvis Presley, Mark Twain, John Wayne and Madonna prove that the American dream is true and worth fighting for. Whether you want to be famous and you head to Hollywood, or rich and you choose Las Vegas, whether you want to be a hipster and settle in Seattle, or a pastor and embrace Alabama, USA will not let you down. The US is as diverse as your dreams are!

More than just Niagara Falls and maple syrup

The vast Canada, the second largest country in the world, surprises its visitors with only 35 million residents and never-ending lands of green. Blessed by Mother Nature with breathtaking scenery, such as the coastlines of Newfoundland and the Maritimes, the lakes of the majestic Rockies and the infinite prairies, Canada is the perfect destination for travelers who love spending time outdoor. The most important cities of Canada have their own distinctive charm and unique personality. Quebec is absolutely enchanting and invites to day-dreaming, especially during winter. Vancouver revolves around everything that is trendy. Montreal takes prides in its elegance, while Toronto is dominated by a cosmopolite vibe. You will have so much more to admire and try in Canada than the Niagara Falls and maple syrup. Just take your backpack and start walking!

The dazzling land of Mexico

Home to 114 million people, Mexico fascinates and intrigues. A pot of Mesoamerican cultures and modern tribes, Mexico invites travelers to discover its historical gems, amazing landscapes, delicious foods and luxury resorts. A land of contrasts, where the beautiful coastline of Baja California houses five-star hotels and the Mayan villages talk about the end of the world, Mexico is a destination you simply have to visit. Take your time to explore the deserts in the north region, the beaches in the south, as well as its giant ancient pyramids and colonial churches. Only in Mexico you can climb on a volcano, discover a fascinating underwater world and then take a tequila farm tour.

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