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City Overview

Why visit New York City? Well, here is a question probably no one has ever asked! After all, who could ever resist the bustling, loud, glamorous and addictive city of New York, the place where dreams come true, businesses become empires, and where you can visit different countries with just a swipe of a metro card.

First-time visitors fall in love instantly with the vibrant City That Never Sleeps, while old friends of the city are continuously in awe with the rhythm of this ever-changing destination. From the impressive skyline, famous worldwide, to the romantic paths covered in autumn leaves in Central Park, New York has so many things to see and do that you will probably have to move here for a year or two to embrace them all.

A world of experiences

New York City is a destination for wanderers. With just a metro ride or a short walk, you can cross borders and step into different countries. From the chic and glamorous Manhattan to the crowds that invade Chinatown every day, the city has something for everyone. A mixture of neighborhoods and attractions will tell you the real history of the city. Classy boutiques and bohemian cafes await in Nolita, while the lights and jazzy rhythms of Broadway promise the highest class of entertainment.

Never ending white nights

Probably the famous “The City That Never Sleeps” nickname is enough for tourists to realize they need to be prepared for an amazing nightlife. They can spend them either in clubs and bars, cinemas and theaters or just admiring the sunset over Hudson and its fairy tale reflection in the windows of the skyscrapers, later replaced with the frenetic and colorful neons that bring the day into the nights of Times Square. The party never ends in New York city, especially if you know the right places, such as casinos, music venues, and why not bingo halls and cabaret venues.

Culture at its best

New York takes pride in its variety of museums and art galleries, The Met Museum, Guggenheim and MoMA gathering immense crowds of visitors every year. However, this is just the tip of the cultural iceberg that dominates the city, travelers having the chance to discover a variety of sights that will prove once and for all that New York is more than Fifth Avenue and its yellow cabs. It’s a complex city where you can discover the stories of the past and innovations of tomorrow. From theater performance and poetry readings to improve comedy and burlesque representations, the cultural scene in New York is as various and fascinating as are its residents.

The must-sees of the world

Every city comes with its own must-see attractions, but some of the New York’s attractions have made it on the planetary list of things that “you just have to see”. You probably already know that we’re talking about the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park and Grand Central Station, and this is one more proof that New York is on the maps of travelers out there.

Culinary treats for all taste buds

If you’re in New York, you have no other option than to eat well. The city houses some of the best restaurants in the world, for all preferences and budgets. You have your fine dining, glamorous and pricy, many star restaurants, such as Le Bernardin, Del Posto, and NoMad. However, many travelers prefer the chic, casual or family-style dining places like Momofuku or Russ & Daugthers. Pizza is a must in New York, as is Chinese food and, of course, hot dogs and bagels.

Legendary hotels meet budget gems

Whether you choose to spend the night at The Ritz Carlton or at a chic Bed & Breakfast, like Bubba & Bean or Lefferts Manor, you’ll feel like the king of the world in New York. Just being there is enough to charge your batteries and feel revitalized and ready to change your life and the world. Since this is one of the most visited cities in the world, it’s no surprise that you can find an endless number of hotels and guesthouses always ready to welcome tourists. There are plenty of options for every budget. We favor the Four Seasons, St. Regis and The Peninsula New York.

Shop ’till you drop and a bit more

Shopping in New York is an experience equaled only by shopping in rival metropolis, such as Paris, London and Tokyo. An impressive and sometimes overwhelming shopping destination, New York has the advantage of being a compact city. It is served by an efficient subway networks, as well as many yellow cabs and Uber drivers. Basically, it’s easy to get from one designer shop to an emporium or an antique store. Shopping in New York City is all about variety. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it probably hasn’t been invented yet.  While resounding names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior await in Midtown, along with Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys,  the 5th Avenue invites you for some window-shopping at Tiffany’s and Harry Winston. SoHo is the place to visit for small, charming shops and buying handmade jewelry from vendors’ stalls. Quirkiness and funkiness are written all over East Village and Lower East Side due to various boutiques that sell everything from industrial-inspired jewelry to retro furniture.

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