Some Effective Ways to Get More Leads Towards Your Real Estate Business
Posted By 06/04/2019



In today’s digitalized world, technology has made it easy for businesses to reach their targeted audience, no matter what is the type and size of business. There is no shortage of potential ways to market your real estate business and get it in front of the right customers.

Whether you are an agent, investor or owner, everyone looks for marketing that is credible, measurable, and cost-effective. Real estate marketing is all about promotion as well as securing buyer and seller leads, which is possible by advertising your agency, sharing your listings, and building up website content.

Most of the business owners start marketing their business only when they feel that the phone has stopped ringing or their shop is empty, which is completely wrong. It becomes too late and now it’s a little bit tough to bring your business back to track at this stage. Getting your business in front of the right audience always takes time. It is not a process that can happen overnight but over time.

But now the question arises that how it is possible. Well, here we are discussing some effective ways on what to do in order to market your real estate business locally on the internet and get more leads in 2019. Look at the tips to get your business noticed from the crowd:

Have a Killer & Effective Website

blog-1Do you know your website is one of the biggest sales assets? A website is no doubt said to be the only way to greatly generate leads and boost up the sales. However this idea of marketing is not a new one, still, most of the people are not aware of. A website is a helpful tool for the agents and agencies looking to move properties in their area. When getting your real website designed from a professional, make sure that he is properly addressing the things like website speed, easy navigation, quality content, design & color scheme, and usage of images. Never forget to make your website easily accessible where customers can search for their desired properties easily, whether they are using a computer, smartphone or tablet. One more thing that can’t be ignored while designing a website is mobile-friendliness. Having a website that is easily accessible on mobile phones too, helps generate more leads because most of the customers prefer to use mobile phones to search for a real estate business in their area.

List Your Business on Local Business Listings

blog-2Listing your real estate business on local directories is also a fundamental element in the success of your business. There are numerous listing sites on the internet that are categorized geographically to let you list & promote your business locally. Listing your business on local sites is the best way to advertise your business and get more customers in your area.

If you are new in real estate business, you will definitely be looking for where to list your business in order to get more customers. As most of the customers used to search for a business online, thus listing your real estate firm on some listing sites is beneficial such as Google, YellowPages, Yelp, Manta, and TripKen.

TripKen is your trusted online community to help you promote your business at no cost. Just post your business’ complete details (including location, website link, contact number, business description, price range, products/services, facilities, etc.) and start getting more visitors towards it. It is a platform where lots of customers visit daily to discover the business of your niche. So, getting listed with TripKen means your business will get more visibility among potential customers.

Set up “Google My Business” (GMB) Page

Setting up a local business page on Google is a vital requirement for any real estate business.

While setting up a GMB page, make sure to add your business complete details, including office hours, address, phone number, description, services, logo, team photos, and office photos. Today 7 out of 10 customers made a purchase from the business they have found using a search engine. The main purpose behind getting your business listed on “Google My Business” is to help customers find your business right when they search for real estate services in their area on Google search and maps. GMB also allows customers to post reviews once your profile has been established as a local business.

Building Backlinks

You can never deny that link building plays an important role in the promotion of your business. In fact, it is the easiest, fastest, and economical method of building an online presence of your business locally. Build as many links you can on various websites to boost your rankings, but every time you should make sure that the business details you are using are correct, otherwise, it will drop your rankings in search engine result pages.

Never Ignore Blogging

blog-3Blogging is search engine’s food, thus considered as an effective way to create brand awareness. It is an inexpensive way for real estate businesses to drive traffic and attract more prospective customers. If you are in the real estate field, adding blogs regularly helps you deliver enormous amounts of value on a regular basis. The more time you will spend without blogging, the further behind you will be in marketing your business. With proper set up of blogs with right spokes on the hub, you can take better advantage of SEO. Blogging provides you an opportunity to connect with your target audience by posting high-quality content that they demand to fulfill their needs. Your blogs may contain your personal experience, your event details, information about your staff, your achievements, or tips to buy/sell properties because people love to read blogs when they want to get their problem solved in less time.

Become the Social Media Darling

blog-4In today’s era, social media also has become another popular way of getting your business noticed by potential customers. Thus, you need a social media presence if you want to stay in today’s real estate market. For this, you need to know about great social media strategies. Build your social media presence by creating pages on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. Only registering with them is not sufficient to get visitors, you also have to add posts daily on each of them to keep customers up-to-date about your business.

Make 2019 your Best Year Ever

Developing a marketing strategy also lets you streamline lead generation. Be sure to use the above-mentioned real estate marketing strategies and make your 2019 a revolutionary year with win-win conditions.