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Enhance Your Moving Company’s Marketing With Tripken

Every Moving business requires a specific vision and plan to lead higher sales as well as revenue. Whether you run a local or a long-distance business, you need to consider a specific plan to get your moving company in front of customers. Your Movers business marketing plan should be customized based on your customer needs in mind.

By understanding the right strategy, your moving company will be flooded with more phone calls and new clients. And that’s the beauty of understanding how you can create the right strategy for your moving company.

As we live in a digital era today where the first thing people look for is your business online presence. No online presence can lead to the loss of a major chunk of customer community and opportunities for expanding your moving business. Still, some businesses are shying away from building their online presence which can affect the growth of their business. It is time for business owners to understand and start reaching their customers easily via citation.

What’s a Citation?

As like phone book, the citation is a listing of your business information like business name, address and phone number, business hours, and other essential details in any online resource, like a local newspaper, a blog, an online directory like TripKen.

The benefits of a Citation are:

  • If you’re listed on TripKen, visitors to TripKen are more likely to find you.
  • If your business is listed on the right directories you’ll be treated better by Google, which treats citations as a ranking factor for local SEO.
  • Fill SERPs so your business will show up multiple times for the same keywords as separate results on various third party sites.

Why are the majority of movers companies moving their business offline to online?

  • Increase in sales/leads
  • Increase in customer reach
  • Higher turnover in a shorter period
  • Company reputation
  • Enhance your business visibility
  • Create an identity of your business
  • 24/7 365 hour availability
  • Better customer support
  • Very low start-up costs
  • Live/Work from anywhere
  • Reduce operation costs

Listed with TripKen

In today’s mobile and internet dependency era, every moving business should offer its clients online services also with quality moving services. As the business website offers movers the opportunity to sustain their online reputation and attract customers, TripKen offers that opportunity to all moving companies to showcase their business profile. Our online platform is beneficial for both, who are looking to relocate, and for the moving business owners.

Advantages of being registered with us

  1. A moving company can register and create their company profile free of charge.
  2. Once a business owner has an account, he/she can start responding to customers’ feedback about their moving services.
  3. Adding your moving company details and logo will further enhance your online presence.
  4. By enriching your profile with promotional text and images can automatically boost your online presence.
  5. Reviews on your moving business can help customers to better understand the services you provide, gain trust and make a decision.
  6. If you upgrade your profile in TripKen, you can take advantage of the feature – “CALL TO ACTION” button to have a direct line of communication with the customers.
  7. Becoming a member of TripKen, you can manage your listing activity like your business searches, revenue generated, etc. and you can also download past activity from your account.
  8. Consumers who visit TripKen for the first time use the categories to find the listings, at this marketplace, you can list your business by choosing the relevant category.


As there are various methods to successfully promote your business with or without spending a lot of money. Once you’re in online competition make sure you are one step ahead from your competitors and can be found in front of your potential customers. TripKen is your online resource to list your business and services in various categories like Restaurants, Hotels & Travel, Active Life, Shopping, Religious Organizations, Real Estate, Professional Services, Public Services & Government, Nightlife, Mass Media, Local Services, Local Flavor, Home Services, Health & Medical, Financial Services, Event Planning & Services, Education, Beauty & Spas, Automotive, Arts & Entertainment, Pets, Fitness & Instructions, and Food; and increase your business visibility.


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