How Fashion Stores can use Business Listing Directories to Win New Customers
Posted By 20/05/2019

Grabbing the attention of your potential customers is the key to grow your customers. While the completion in the fashion industry is increasing, the number of marketing opportunities is also increasing for fashion stores. However, choosing the right marketing strategy can be a little tough and confusing. A right fashion store promotion method is that gives you a full return of investment by bringing you phone calls, website clicks, and customers to your doorsteps.

For small business owners, listing their fashion store/shop online on business listing directories is a smart and efficient way to win more customers. Free business listing websites, like TripKen, have huge website traffic of local customers looking for services and businesses like you. Listing your fashion store here will help you gain the opportunity to attract highly targeted and ready-to-buy local customers in a quick time.

You can use Google to find a number of local business listing directories and register on them to list your local fashion store. But, keep in mind only a well-crafted and detailed business listing will grab visitors’ attention and help you gain new customers.

Key Steps to List your Fashion Store on Business Listing Directories

Key Steps to List your Fashion Store on Business Listing Directories

Correct and consistent NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. NAP of your local fashion store needs to be accurate and consistent over the internet because search-engines (like Google) use this information as a ranking factor and Google only likes to provide accurate information to its user. So, if your NAP details are incorrect or inconsistent, your business may lack online visibility on search engines. Moreover, incorrect NAP can confuse your potential customers and may result in the loss of businesses opportunities.

Local businesses change their address and phone number all the time. A study finds that nearly 50% of the business listings have incorrect business details including wrong opening hours, incorrect website URL, inaccuracy in the business name, and mistakes in the street address. Make sure you use an accurate business name, local phone number, and exact street address (not PO Box number).

Choose Right Business Category

Listing your business in the right category is critically important for local fashion stores. Online searches often search by category, like Fashion stores near me. So, if your business is not listed in the appropriate category, you may lose some potential customers. If you can’t find a relevant category on a particular business listing directory, then search for your competitor and list your business using the same category (if not irrelevant) your competitors have used. If you get an option, always go for a specific sub-category (like Men’s fashion) rather than choosing the main category (like Fashion).

Use a Detailed & Engaging Business Description

Creating a detailed and engaging business description will give you an opportunity to tell visitors who you are and what you do. A business description field is a place where you can describe things that differentiate you from your competitors. Don’t afraid to mention your experience in the industry, products you offer, the area you serve, any discount or guarantee you offer on fashion products, and other things that help visitors to make a quick buying decision.

Add your Website URL

Another benefit that a local fashion store can have by listing their business online is that most business directory sites allow sharing website URL on the listing page. Adding your website URL will not just help you to get backlinks to your website, but also help you to improve your fashion store website ranking on local search queries.

Add Business Logo & Photos

Add Business Logo & Photos

An English proverb says – a picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a clear and high-definition business logo is a great way to personalize your business listing page. A business logo will help visitors identify your business and gain user trust. Whereas, adding images to your business listing will make it stand out. Don’t afraid to add images of your fashion store, your staff, and various fashion products to let potential customers see your store and products.

Ask Customer for Rating & Reviews

Most of the famous business listing directories, like TripKen, allow users to rate a business and share their reviews. This can be a great opportunity to attract more potential customers. People often believe what other people say, rather than the business itself. Displaying positive user reviews will help you gain the trust of visitors and turn them into customers. Make sure you reply to every customer review, no matter positive or negative. It will help you build relationships with customers and improve your business.

Final Words

Listing your fashion store on online directories is a great way to attract local customers. Just make sure you choose the right business directory that has high website authority and is quite popular among people.

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