With over 480 million visitors every year, Europe has many stories to tell and a lot of attractions to offer. The open boarders of this continent made it easy for tourists to explore the best of what it has to offer. Because of its geography, you don’t need to travel too many hours to delve from one culture into another. The regions here are filled with ancient history and modern spectacles. Its countries and people have transformed Europe into one of the best travel spots in the whole world.

From Eastern to Western Europe in two paragraphs

Eiffel Tower view by night from Champ de MarsEastern and Western Europe are a symphony of beauty, color, taste and sound. From Amsterdam to Rome, you will find surprising differences and intriguing similarities. These are the ones that make up the vast reach of this continent. There are plenty of small wonderful streets to tinker around in, museums to fill your imagination and nature to explore with candor.

Enjoy the beaches of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey and get sun baked to perfection, as you sip a cold drink. Visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris and fall in love in this city. Satisfy your palate with famous Italian pizza and pasta tandem or try more exotic tastes in Central Europe. Go skiing in the mountains of Switzerland or for a stroll in Belarus. Whatever your holiday wish is, there might be a fairy tale story here for you.

Every steps takes you face to face with new surprises

Tulips in Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, EuropeEurope is a diverse destination that whatever season you plan to travel; there are top spots worthy of every step. Get your cameras ready for picture perfect sights and your heart to the best delights in life.

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