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Tripken helps networks of people connect and share information on businesses & travel. The following ground rules will help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for our community. Our members are expected to participate with common sense, courtesy, and respect. Your use of this site is subject to these guidelines and our Terms of Service.

User content on Tripken reflects the opinions of those users and not of Tripken.

 Courtesy & Respect

Treat others with courtesy and respect. Remember that your tone can easily be misinterpreted in print, so take care in your choice of language. Tripken is a global business & travel community so you are likely to encounter people of various opinions, experiences, budgets, and preferences. Show respect for these differences, and don’t take things personally.

Lead by Example

Make newcomers feel welcome, be helpful to others, and keep it constructive. The best way to deal with flame-baiters and trolls is to ignore them and report them to Tripken. By being a positive member, you encourage others to do the same.


Community members are looking to you for business & travel advice, so be sincere and truthful. Refrain from defaming and harassing people, impersonating others, spamming, ticket scalping, violating the privacy of others, and engaging in illegal activities.

Common Sense

Use your common sense when seeking business & travel advice, especially around the topics of health and safety. Be safe and smart when arranging meetups and business & travel companions, and don’t post personal information about yourself in public spaces. Tripken is not responsible for the actions of our community members.

Reviews and Recommendations

The best reviews and recommendations are insightful, personal, informative, and readable. Tripken offers a rich community experience because our members take the time to share their personal stories. Here are some tips for writing great reviews and recommendations.

Share your experience:

The community benefits when you share your unique, personal experiences. Describe what you liked and disliked, and what it meant to you.

Be informative:

Try to be as accurate as possible, and include relevant and useful details. Share something novel or surprising that isn’t usually covered in businesses & travel guidebooks.

Be constructive:

It’s ok to share negative feedback, but be constructive and include relevant facts and details. Do not post false information as this may have legal consequences.

Use good grammar and spelling:

A good recommendation is a readable one. Use complete sentences and write clearly. Go easy on capitalization and resist the urge to write entire novels.


Rarely removes reviews, but when we do below are some possible reasons why. We reserve the right to remove any content that we feel violates our Terms of Service or these guidelines, or violates the spirit of these guidelines.

Inappropriate content:

Bad language, adult content, or otherwise objectionable content.


Copying a review from another person or website and posting as your own.

Conflict of interest:

Posting favorable reviews for your own business or posting reviews in exchange for money or freebies. You should also refrain from reviewing your employer or any business in which you have a commercial interest.

Fake or malicious recommendations:

Posting bad reviews about your competitors.


Reviews that are unrelated to the topic page it is listed under.

Reporting Abuse

If you see something that may be in violation of these guidelines, please report it at 

We do not arbitrate disputes among business owners, competitors, customers, ex-employees, or other entities. We remove only the reviews that we consider to be in violation of our guidelines and Terms of Service.

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