How to Generate Moving Leads from the Area you Serve
Posted By 20/05/2019

With the rise of competition in the industry, generating moving leads for the contractors is getting difficult every passing day. Moreover, the rise in prices and the ever-changing economy has made it even harder for moving companies to find new customers.
Though there are a number of lead generation methods for local movers, you need to find the right one to fit your business needs. Now, this may require some efforts, but it will certainly pay off later. In this post, we will discuss some efficient methods to generate free leads for moving companies –

Hire Moving Leads Generation Services

Hire Moving Leads Generation Services

We all know what lead generation services are and how they work. A moving leads generation company will promote your services to attract local customers and sell those leads to you at a minimal cost. Hiring these services is a smart and efficient way to find new customers from the area you serve. These leads generation companies have the resources and skills to generate qualified leads that work. Hiring leads generation services will help you –

  • Save business marketing & advertising cost
  • Find new customers
  • Focus on business growth rather than promotion, and more

Moving lead generation companies utilize business marketing and promotion platforms to generate qualified leads. Another key benefit of hiring a reliable lead generation company like TripKen is that they will generate leads quickly and on a regular basis. These companies usually charge you per lead.

Create A Business Website

Creating a business website for your moving business is a must in today’s modern world. A website acts as a medium for potential customers to find local movers and get more information about them. On the other hand, a website acts as a lead generation source for the moving companies. No matter what size of your business is, a website will help you attract customers 24/7.

We understand it’s difficult to create a user-friendly website and rank on the top of local search queries on the first go. A website requires consistent upgradations & maintenance to meet the needs of search engines. You may choose to hire an SEO company or local SEO experts to help your website reach on the top of the results.

Use Social Media Platforms

Use Social Media Platforms

Utilizing social media platforms for moving lead generation is a great way to find new customers. These social media platforms have millions of users looking for business services and products for their daily needs, and sharing what they like or dislike about them. You can start by creating social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Adding accurate and up-to-date business information while creating social media pages will ensure your page visitors get proper information about your business, service you offer, way to reach you, and area you serve.

Being a local moving company, you can use these social media platforms to share your business updates, discount coupons, promotional content, and more. Consider using hashtags on important keywords while sharing your posts on various social platforms. It will not just help you engage relevant users but also improve your website rank because search engines use social media activity to determine the relevant keywords for a website page.

You need to be fully active and consistent when it comes to sharing updates on social media channels and participating in conversations. It will enhance your popularity and engage more users. Social media channels love user engagements and give preference to pages/businesses that engage more users.

Ask For Referrals

Word of mouth is a great source for local moving companies to generate moving leads. The key to getting referral business leads is quality work and customer satisfaction. Keep in mind only a happy customer will give your reference to his close ones. Whereas an unsatisfied customer may not refer you any lead in the future or may refer leads to your business competitors.

For happy customers, you need to focus on your work quality and getting feedback from customers. Your customers’ reviews will play a big role to understand what improvements you need. Don’t hesitate to ask for a customer’s testimonial after finishing a job. Good customer feedback will boost your confidence whereas a negative one will help you improve your business services.

Use can also use a referral discount method to get some local moving leads. People love a discount on services and will help you get referral business if you can use a referral discount wisely.

Final Words

To get leads for your moving company on a consistent basis is not difficult if you have the right method to promote your business and services. While hiring a lead generation company can help you get qualified leads in a quick time, using other methods mentioned above on the list will take some time to give results.

How TripKen can help?

TripKen is a leading and fast-growing lead generation service that specializes in generating 100% real and qualified leads for local movers. What makes us different from companies is that we only use paid and high conversion marketing methods to generate moving leads in a quick time. Most other companies use traditional methods like search-engine-optimization and social media promotion that are time-consuming. We utilize a unique lead generation system to bring leads quickly and offer benefits like –

  • 100% Real Leads
  • Talk to Clients
  • Call Tracking Dashboard
  • Free Monthly Reporting, and more

So, if you are looking for a lead generation company that you can count on, then no need to look further than TripKen. For details, you can call us on (800) 798-7955 or drop us a line using the contact form on this page.