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How to Market Your Carpentry Business Successfully

When you start a local services business in any industry, it comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to marketing and sales promotion. Today, the number of people turning to the Internet to search for a diverse range of services or products, so the process of marketing has also been changed. People hire carpenters online for their households and offices to help them customize or repair furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, frames, windows, broken door knobs, hinges, handles, etc.

Most of the carpenters are not skilled with extensive marketing plans; of course, hiring a marketing firm is an option but creating brand awareness by yourself will save your money. Here, we will discuss some effective ways to advertise your own carpenter company and bring more customers to it.

Claim Your Free Local Business Listings

Whether you’ve started a new carpentry business or have an existing business, you always want to make your business easy to find online as like your competitors. A large percentage of consumers search for carpenter services online. List your carpentry business on some of the popular platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, and other popular business listing sites like TripKen.

Promote your business for free on TripKen. Make sure all of your business information, including business name, category, location, business hours, website and phone number is correct. The more platforms your business is listed online, the more will be your business’s visibility in front of prospective customers who are looking for carpenter services.

Ask Your Clients To Leave A Review For Your Business

Do online reviews really boost your leads? Very important, 90% of consumers read online reviews before hiring a service or purchasing any new product. People really look for what your previous clients are saying about your business. Positive reviews help your business build a ton of trust in the eyes of many customers who are looking for a business like you.

Having positive reviews will also improve your company’s local visibility. If you’re listing your business on TripKen, you can ask your customers to share reviews and ratings on your business page after you complete your job successfully. It takes minutes to give reviews but makes a great impact on other customers. Also, don’t worry if your business gets any bad review, it will not going to tank your business, focus on fixing what went wrong.

Get Local Backlinks

If your carpenter company has a website, consider taking advantage of inbound links or backlinks. Whether it’s a US-oriented directory site, a local hardware store or a local business listing site that provides their visitors a link to your website helps you get local inbound links when they link to your website.

When a consumer searches by typing “carpenter + “your city” in the search engine, your goal is to make it visible in the search results.

Target Keywords

When a consumer searches by typing “carpenters in New York” in a search engine like Google, make sure your business is visible on the first page of the search results. If you spend your time working on optimizing your site for search engines, you can rank your business above your competitors for the best keywords your customer type.

To find the best keywords, do some initial keyword research and consider following some steps for doing SEO for your carpentry business:

  1. Consider including your main keywords in the headlines, text and meta descriptions.
  2. Consider creating location-specific pages for areas you’re targeting your business.
  3. Write blog posts that include your target keywords.

Enhance Your Search Engine Headline and Description

In addition to including the target keywords, make sure your website’s headline and description appear in the search results is professional and attractive. When customers search for carpentry-related keywords into Google, they’ll come across your website in the search results. To make your carpentry website stand out, improve the title and description structure.

Follow some guidelines below:

  1. Include your top keywords in the title and description.
  2. Include your city name for targeting your local customers.
  3. Only include relevant information about your business like services or products.

Start A Carpentry Blog

Enhance your online efforts by writing a useful blog post. The carpentry blogs can be articles on emergency carpentry fixes, your company’s past and current carpentry project or DIY projects. Creating blogs may be a time-consuming task but the results can be well worth it. Posting regular blogs can help impress your clients as well as let your website get more traffic via search engines.

You need not post about carpentry always; you can also try writing on some of the following topics:

  1. Post a blog about your experience at any local events you’ve attended.
  2. Share a company story that reveals a relation between you and your staff.
  3. Discuss the most frequently asked questions you receive from your customers.
  4. Create a case study of any project you’ve recently completed.

Create Social Accounts

While many people use multiple social networks, so social media has become one of the important sources of advertising your business online. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and similar sites, and brand yourself on all of them. Consider using a common username, profile photo, cover photo, a short description of your business, and include a link to your website across all social networks.

Post AT LEAST 1 update per day on all your social networks. You can share a post related to the video from an event, customer feedback, a service announcement, DIY project tutorials, announce an event or award, photos of people in your company, inspirational quotes or company goals, which shows your business social presence.


Above all the things might seem a little tough especially for a person who has never done marketing before but once you’ve gained some momentum Marketing will get easier. Use the methods discussed above to advertise your carpentry business and soon you’ll find yourself hired by your potential customers.


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