With so much diversity, it is rather hard to sum up what Asia has to offer. There is anything and everything in this continent that any traveler will find interesting.

The extremes in this continent, such as the highest point in the world found at the tip of Mt Everest to the lowest point in the Dead Sea, are just an introduction to what’s in between.

Ancient civilizations meet modern innovation

Night traffic in Bangkok, AsiaMike Behnken

Asia offers a mix of ancient civilization and modern inventions in the cities found within.  Mumbai, for example, boasts the rich culture of its people in its architectures, arts and entertainment, famously known as Bollywood. Tokyo, the largest city in the world, offers an experience of super delicacies, high technologies and foretastes of the old Japan. Bangkok is full of life and ardor, as it celebrates the nights and brings back the serenity of day in its temples. Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Manila offer their own magic to holidaymakers as well.

Going in deeper into the countries that make up Asia, you will find more exciting sites, known all over the world. Dare to walk to length of the Great Wall of China. Conquer Mount Everest. Pay your respects at the Taj Mahal. Bask in the sun on a beach in Bali. If you have the time, it is truly worth getting a taste of everything that is about Asia.

A gateway to exotic destinations

Temple in Bali, AsiaJoan Campderrós-i-Canas

Asia’s airports serve as gateways to exotic destinations. Be sure to find the best locations for scuba diving, partying, exploring and anything else in between. Let us help you with your flight bookings to Asia, accommodations, car rentals or even restaurant reservations. Visit our website to find the right taste of Asia made available to you for your travel needs. Experience the wildly different offerings of this region through the help of Tripken.