Low-Cost Ideas For A Cabinetry Makeover
Posted By 03/10/2018

Do you suddenly feel the need for a change around the house but you don’t have enough money to invest in a renovation project or to buy new furniture? Why not consider giving your cabinetry a makeover. You can refresh the look of your kitchen, hallway or even bathroom cabinets without having to spend a fortune. Just take a look at our low-cost ways to give your cabinetry a makeover and choose the ones that appeal to you.

Add one, two, three coats of paint

kitchen cabinetryAlthough it doesn’t sound like a fun DIY project, painting your cabinetry can change not only the aspect of your cabinets but also the look and ambiance of the entire room. Choose the right colors and you will easily see the difference! You only need some brushes, paint, work clothes, and a big cup of coffee, and you’re ready to go.

Before you begin the actual painting, make sure you fill in the holes or gaps in the wood of your cabinetry and smooth the surfaces with a fine grit. Wipe everything down with a damp cloth and get rid of any sawdust with a vacuum. Don’t forget to prime! Use an oil-based primer to prepare the area you want to paint because it’s much more durable than a water-based primer. Use sandpaper between every coat of primer, but let it dry before sanding it again.

Only now you’re ready to actually paint your cabinetry. It’s best to use 100% enamel paint because it has a lovely finish and lasts longer. Since it’s water based, it will also be easy to clean up. You can use 3 coats of paint or just keep painting until you’re happy with the result.

Replace, remove, extend

kitchen cabinet shelfThis requires a bit more work but the results are more impressive. For example, you can replace the upper cabinet doors with glass open cabinetry, to create a bright ambiance and add more space to the kitchen. Pay attention to the shelf lines by lining them up, so you can enjoy the same shelf levels in your cabinetry. Paint the inside of the cabinetry white. Or, if you want more drastic changes, you can simply get rid of your cabinetry doors and create a more airy room. Paint the shelves and you’ve just got yourself a new cabinet!

Of course, there are many other things you can change and adjust when it comes to ways to give your cabinetry a makeover. Just grab some power tools and get to work. You can even extend your cabinetry to add more storage space in the room and reinvent your interior design.

One detail can change everything

kitchen cabinet, embellished cabinetIf you’re on a budget, and you probably are because you’re reading this, you can focus on altering or changing only one important detail. Choose the detail that makes the difference! For example, you can change only the countertops or alter the backsplash.

Are you looking for cheaper options? Try embellishments, inserts or cutouts for your cabinet doors. You can choose anything from vintage vibes to patterned sheet metal to decorate a cabinet door. Cutouts add a handmade charm and they’re easy to make! You just need to trace a design on the door and follow the pattern with a drill and a jigsaw. Sand the edges to make them smooth, prime and paint.

If working with tools and paint is not exactly your thing, how about adding curtains to your cabinetry. If you have glass-front cabinets, this is the perfect solution to revive their design and add a fresh touch to your kitchen. You just need to fold the fabric in 1-inch pleats and staple it to the top and bottom of the door. On the inside, of course! Cinch in the middle using straps from matching fabric.

And if you’re not up for DIY projects, you can just contact the local suppliers and choose new cabinets for your home! It’s time-saving and guarantees that new furniture ambiance in the house.