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Ways To Promote Your Local Services Business Online For Free

For many new businesses, the major step in launching a business after creating a product or service is to get them online. Once they are online, make sure they can be found which will drive potential customers to their website.

Today, most of the people prefer searching online to find business information of local services professionals. Gone are the days when phonebook directories are used for searching business information about local professionals. But, now people go online to find all contact information such as directions, phone numbers, customer reviews, images and more. There are various free online marketing ideas for local services professionals to promote their local businesses online without spending money.

List your business on TripKen

TripKen is one of the most popular ways of promoting your local business online, where all the information about your business is gathered in one spot. Add your local business for free. Don’t miss your new customers who are looking for businesses or products like yours in online marketplaces.

What is an Online Business Listing?

An online representation of business information that contains business name, address, phone number, photos, and customer reviews, helping customers find local business information quickly and efficiently. They are the latest version of the phonebook directories.

Why You Should Consider Listing Your Small Business on TripKen?

  • Expose your local business to millions of online visitors, which could increase traffic to your website.
  • Getting a lot of exposure without spending money than you would spend on paid advertising like TV or radio advertisement spots.
  • Consumers are more likely to trust in your local business when they see on the trusted marketplace.
  • It helps you increase your revenue stream.
  • Increases brand recognition and customer interaction.

How to add an online business listing on TripKen?

Sign-up with a new TripKen account. Choose the local business category in which you want to list your business and add your business details. When you sign-up with an enhanced account, you can get extra benefits of managing your account, including things like your business searches, customer leads, revenue estimate, “Call To Action” button on your business page, user testimonials, and other activities that can help you increase your interaction and convert visitors into leads.

Send personal emails

Don’t sign-up for paid email marketing software, send personalized emails to your potential customers to let them know about your business or products. Reach to your audience who have contacted you ever in the past but didn’t purchase your product or hired your services. Approximately 76% of consumers do communication via email or text message.

Share photos of your work

Online photos and reviews to your profile are a powerful way to gain new customers trust. The best time to ask your client to share a photo online or give feedback is when you finish a job. You can use positive words of your clients to your business profiles online, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When new customers find your business online, those pictures will convince them and are worth a thousand words.

Promote a referral program

If you offer little incentive to your existing customers, they will help you in recommending your services or products to their friend, relative or neighbor. Most of the people look for professionals who are trustworthy.

Consider offering little incentive to existing customers if they recommend your services or products to their friend, relative or neighbor. People always look for local services professionals who are trustworthy. A good recommendation can help you get more customers.

Team up with other professionals

A homeowner can look for various types of local services like Carpet Cleaning, Electronics Repair, Furniture Rental, Laundry Services, and more. Make your links with other local services professionals who offer different services from yours. You can pass each other’s contact details to homeowners and get advantages from additional jobs.


Whether you want to add one or more business, TripKen allows you to give exposure and grow your business without spending money. The money you save can be used in making your business listings more actionable by signing up to an enhanced package. When any customer looking for the service or product you offer finds your business listing online, they can interact with you directly and request for your services.


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